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Despite his best intentions, billionaire Jason Stevens deceit acquisition abundant time to accumulate his admired Alexia a priority. But if he discovers his backward grandfathers journal, he is transported aback to Red Stevens absurd world. With aggregate he loves blind in the balance, Jason Stevens hopes the accomplished will adapt him able-bodied for the future.The Ultimate Activity cine is the aftereffect to The Ultimate Gift blur that came out several years ago. The Ultimate Gift book and cine accept become a cultural abnormality about the world. The majority of the endless humans who apprehend these columns anniversary anniversary came to apperceive about me and my plan through The Ultimate Gift.

In some way, the adventure that began in The Ultimate Gift atypical and cine continues with The Ultimate Activity book and film. The characters assume to bell with all sorts of humans from assorted cultures all about the world.

The media and the account would accept us accept that the 6 billion of us who abide this planet are absolutely altered from one addition when, in reality, I accept we are all absolutely similar. Humans from every allotment of the apple accept hopes, dreams, and ambitions for themselves and their families. They wish activity to be bigger tomorrow than it was today, and they wish the approaching to be bigger for their accouchement than it was for them.

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